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We want to help you improve yourselves so that you can have a greater impact in your workplace in your community and your family and experience life to the fullest.


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About Ignite YOUR Fitness

Ignite YOUR Fitness exists to help people improve themselves so that they can have a greater impact in their communities in their workplace and their families. We want people to enjoy the great adventures life can provide, we believe that by being fit and healthy you are more able to take advantage of what life has to offer. We help our clients build confidence and smash away their stress using fun and fast training sessions that keep them on their way to achieving their goals. With so many happy clients we must be doing something right. Is it time you Ignite your fitness?

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Ignite YOUR Fitness.

If you are looking for a fun, dynamic training program that will get you results, come and talk to us. We have worked with a range of clients from the young to the young at heart. We love to have fun with our training and we think you should too.

  • Bodyweight exercises

  • Suspension trainer exercises

  • Flexibility training

  • Boxing and kickboxing

  • Partner workouts

  • Small group workouts

  • Gain strength

  • Gain muscle mass

  • Gain fitness

  • Gain confidence

  • Loss weight

  • Manage stress more effectively

The Ignite your fitness GYM is coming to Dargaville. Believe us when we say we a working hard to get started ASAP and when we open we will have things like

  • Open 24hrs

    No need to wait for the gym to open in the morning and no risk of getting kicked out when its closing time because we won't be closing. We will be instaling a door swipe system that will allow you to access our gym at any time if you are a member. 

  • Central Dargaville location

    Just a stone's throw away from the main street of Dargaville you don't have to walk far and you have arrived at our gym

  • One membership option

    Gone are the days of signing up for longer to get the best deal, we give everyone the best deal with a minimum of just 3 months and only a $40 sign up fee​

  • Membership portal

    Need some help and we aren't around? check out our member portal where you can find workout ideas book team training sessions and personal training sessions

  • Friendly staff

    Need some assistance from a real person? we are more than happy to help you with achieving your goals. We will be available during staffed hours to give you hints and tips and suggest ways you can improve your training. 
    If you need more help or motivation book a personal training session or team training session.

  • Child safe zone

    Want to do a work-out but have a little tag-along? We will be setting up a child-friendly zone that will be sectioned off at certain hours of the day. you can bring your little ones along with you and work-out while they play

  • Assisted exercise

    When you first join our new gym we will take you on a tour, show you around and set you up with some workout routines to follow. if you need more help you can workout with a personal trainer or in one of our team training sessions you can find out more about them below

Our Team Training Options

Collision takes the best boxing and kick-boxing elements for fitness and smashes it all into one exciting training session. You will work-out with others using pads and shields or on your own with a bag but, whatever it is you are doing, you can be sure you'll be having a blast. Your instructor will keep you safe and motivated as you punch and kick your way to a fitter you. 
Forget exercise this is FUN  

Try not to get dizzy as you move around exercise to exercise in our circuits. You'll be moving so fast you won't know where the time went, by using a bunch of different exercises no two sessions will be the same. these are great workouts if you want to get in and get it done without a lot of thought, your instructor will do the thinking for you. 

There are so many benefits to being stronger, you can lift more, get injured less and it is sexy. Forge stronger bodies in this engaging Workout using free weights and kettlebells along with other equipment to gain strength, your instructor will guide you to building muscle and testing your limits effectively. 

Need to get your workout in but have a little tag along? Join in our Mums and bubs team training and bring your little one along, they can play in our kid-safe zone while you work out with friends. Your instructor will put you through your paces using free weights, bodyweight and even boxing exercises while your child watches and learns.


The suspension trainer is the ultimate bodyweight apparatuses. Work out using these straps along with bands to build strength endurance and flexibility. Learning how to control your body has never been so satisfying

Personal Training

Do you need a little extra push when you are at the gym?
Get help and guidance from your trainer. Workout on your own or with up to five other friends to make it a small group and share the cost. Each session is aimed at your goals and you can work on what you want, from strength training to boxing.
Make an appointment for a free consultation today to have a chat and find out more.



Are you a business owner? Then check out  The Stress Management Exercise Association Endorsed Program (SMEAEP) this requires us the exercise professionals to meet certain criteria which then allows us to offer programs to businesses that is FBT exempt from the IRD.


since starting I have become stronger, fitter, and faster even though I am getting older! The thing I like best about Jody’s Training is the variety: anything is an option weights, plyometric training, boxing, high intensity circuits to name a few. 

James Turner

I have been training with Rosie on and off for a couple of years now. I always feel better physically and mentally after a great session with her! Jodys boxing and other sessions are always great to mix in as well. 

pollyane carvalho

Jody is approachable as a trainer, however has the ability to challenge and push me when I need it. I find the boxing such a great stress relief and empowering that I think everyone should give it a go!  

Lisa Rooney​

Ignite PT provide great group and individual training. I have been training with Rosie on and off for a couple of years now. I always feel better physically and mentally after a great session with her!

Julia Moloney

Jody would be the best personal trainer I've ever had and I've had a few! He challenges me with something new every week. He also provides you with a program that suits your needs and life style.

John Flintoft

I love my sessions with Jody because there is great variety in each session and they are never boring! Lots of fun great for improving ones self in fitness leading to increased confidence.

Victoria Freer

I've been training with Jody for about 8 months. I really enjoy our sessions as he pushes me within my limits and helps me to achieve my goals. I enjoy his relaxed style, and creative workouts.


Anthony Earl​

Jody knows exactly how to take me just outside my comfort zone so I get the best value from my workouts. He is easy-going, has a good sense of humour and always has a workout routine that makes it interesting. ​

Pete Burdon

Each week it shows that Jody has planned our sessions as he comes with a plan of new exercises and combos to try, to keep me on my toes and keep the training interesting. Jody is approachable as a trainer, however has the ability to challenge and push me when I need it. I find the boxing such a great stress relief and empowering that I think everyone should give it a go!


Lucy moore

You guys are the best!! Training with you both is not only a fab workout and keeps me motivated but is also just like hanging out with your mates! 

Thanks for being awesome and making me more awesome!!!


Justine Smith

I decided to start training with Jody because I needed something new to mix up my gym routine. my results have been fantastic with getting more muscle definition and my fitness has improved heaps already. I love that Jody always motivates me and pushes me to be the best I can be and keeps me focused. I love that he mixes it up and always keeps it fun but challenging at the same time.

Sarah Geange

The results I have achieved in the program are exceptional I feel more agile and have gained greater physical and mental strength along with pushing myself to the limits and beyond my fitness capabilities. I really enjoy Jody's training firstly he is a great guy with an awesome and friendly personality. Secondly he always makes training interesting and it is never the same so it never gets boring

Nick Beattie

Price List



At our gym you don't have to sign up for a longer term to get a better deal, we believe in giving everyone the best deal so we have a total of one option this option has two rates and will give you 24hr access to our facility  

Option #1

  • 3 month term 
  • $40 sign up fee
  • $15 per week
  • or 
  • $12.5 per week for those aged under 20 or over 60

Option #2

  • refer to option #1 
  • Seriously though if you need something a little more personalised just have a chat with us

Team Training

As well as being able to workout on you own you can choose one of our Team training groups and train with others for a small extra cost

Option #1 Per class

  • $10 for members
  • $15 for Non-members

Option #2 10 Pack Concession

  • $90 for members
  • $140 for Non-members


Kids training 


For kids that ​want to take part in our training program but are not yet old enough for a membership

  • $10 per session
  • $90 for a 10 pack concession

Personal Training and small group training

You can train on your own or with up to 5 of your friends


Hour Sessions

  • $50 base rate
  • + $10 per member
  • + $15 per Non-member

1/2 Hour Sessions

  • $30 base rate
  • + $5 per member
  • + $10 per Non-member

Boxing gloves from NZ Boxer

If you are going to be doing any boxing we recommend that you get your own pair of gloves here is the glove you can order from us

click here for more info


If your kids are wanting to get into boxing you might want to get them some Kids gloves

click here for more info


NZ Boxer core range 

The NZ Boxer CORE glove is the best entry-level glove on the market.


click here for more info


NZ Boxer classic and Venge range 

These are the reccomended gloves if you are going to be boxing a few times a week.

click here for more info


Twins Special classic and fancy gloves. If you want a pair of gloves that will last these are the gloves for you. Twins gloves are made of premium, quality cowhide leather in Thailand


If you are getting gloves you will need at least 1 pair of these awesome NZ Boxer wraps they come in a range of colours from black to camo to rainbow. Just let us know which style or styles you want and we can get it for you.

You can find more products for NZ Boxer here and if you see anything you would like to buy just let us know

Ignite Your Fitness Merch

Every item we sell will help us to create an amazing space for our community to train and improve. We have selected a few print on demand companies to use, we design the art for the merch (or get it designed) when you buy it the printing company will make your product and send it. We get a small percentage of the sale, you get an awesome product and everyone wins. Check out our designs by clicking one of the pictures above.



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