Team Training

Forget exercise. This is FUN. Kids collision is made for our younger members. We use boxing and kickboxing for fitness while teaching correct techniques. Work-out with others using pads and shields or on your own with a bag

Collision takes the best boxing and kick-boxing elements for fitness and smashes it all into one exciting training session. You will work-out with others using pads and shields or on your own with a bag but, whatever it is you are doing, you can be sure you'll be having a blast. Your instructor will keep you safe and motivated as you punch and kick your way to a fitter you. 
Forget exercise this is FUN  

Try not to get dizzy as you move around exercise to exercise in our circuits. You'll be moving so fast you won't know where the time went, by using a bunch of different exercises no two sessions will be the same. these are great workouts if you want to get in and get it done without a lot of thought, your instructor will do the thinking for you. 

Need to get your workout in but have a little tag along? Join in our Mums and bubs team training and bring your little one along, they can play in our kid-safe zone while you work out with friends. Your instructor will put you through your paces using free weights, bodyweight and even boxing exercises while your child watches and learns.


There are so many benefits to being stronger, you can lift more, get injured less and it is sexy. Forge stronger bodies in this engaging Workout using free weights and kettlebells along with other equipment to gain strength, your instructor will guide you to building muscle and testing your limits effectively. 

The suspension trainer is the ultimate bodyweight apparatuses. Work out using these straps along with bands to build strength endurance and flexibility. Learning how to control your body has never been so satisfying

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